Transit HQ API

Build amazing user experiences for Tokyo transit users.


Tokyo has one of the world's most complex transit systems. Finding efficient transit routes and directions in Tokyo is a problem faced daily by visitors and residents alike. This will especially be true during the 2020 Olympics.

TransitHQ API is an award winning entry created for the 2nd Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo. Developers can use this API to create apps, hardware or services that require trip planning capabilities. By using this API, you don't have to worry about how to calculate the best routes; you can just focus on creating the best possible user experiences.



Supports Japanese and English for queries and responses.


Supports transit routing directions given the origin/destination stops and departure/arrival times. Includes transfer directions if found.

Extensive Data

Data provided includes route distance, duration, map coordinates, train number/line/agency and much more.

Google Directions API Compatible

Provides responses compatible with the format used by Google Directions API.


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The public transportation data used by these APIs is provided as part of the Tokyo Public Transport Open Data Challenge. It is based on data provided by public transportation companies, but it is not necessarily accurate or complete. Please do not make inquiries directly to public transportation companies about the accuracy of the data provided.

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